Since 1918, Battaggion has developed highly-customized mixing machines for a variety of applications.  Battaggion provides a combination of technological expertise and top-notch customer support from project initiation through manufacturing, and beyond.


Backed by 100 years of experience, Battaggion provides excellent service to customers throughout their machine’s full lifecycle, beginning with technological research to outline process requirements through the use of their test lab, followed by routine maintenance, the supply of replacement parts, and repair services.


Battaggion batch kneaders handle the highest viscosity products within the process industries.


Battaggion, in combination with the other companies of the Battaggion Group (Molteni in Milan, Italy, Valtorta in Brescia, Italy, and Simpeq in Bergamo, Italy) uses their network of highly specialized skills and technology to supply mixers to a variety of industries, covering a multitude of applications.


The Battaggion Group utilizes innovative technology in design and manufacturing to provide high quality, reliable and safe products and services. Each company in the Battaggion Group services a specific market segment, and contributes to a shared wealth of mixing technology knowledge and experience.


Sigma Blade Double Arm Kneaders


Battaggion batch kneaders service the pharmaceutical, food, and adhesive and sealant industries, handling materials such as pastes, resins, adhesives, silicones, foams, clays, powders, rubber compounds and even abrasive materials.


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