Molteni Discharge Presses

Molteni Discharge Presses


Molteni Discharge Presses are ideal for removing viscous products from the removable mixing tanks of Planetary Mixers, Multi-Shaft Mixers and HMDV units.


Discharge Presses consist of a pressure plate mounted to a hydraulic ram, supported by a structural steel frame. The pressure plate closely fits the inner diameter of the mixing vessel, and, with the help of a special O-ring seal, forces the product through the discharge outlet in the bottom of the mixing vessel.


The principal benefit of using the Discharge Press is a very high product yield (>98%), and a major side benefit is that the walls of the mixing vessel are cleaned by the passage of the O-ring.


Discharge Presses are available in Floor Mounted versions and Elevator Versions that lift the mixing vessel high enough to discharge the product into drums or other intermediate vessels. These systems are available to service mixing vessels from laboratory sizes to 500 gallons.


Molteni Laboratory Discharge Presses


Molteni Production Discharge Presses



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