HMDV RTC & Pressmixer

Molteni HMDV
RTC & Pressmixer


The Molteni HMDV Series is a family of specialty mixing systems that were designed for the mixing and dispersion of high viscosity, moisture-sensitive adhesives, sealants, and other polymeric products. The main benefit of the HMDV technology is the ability to produce full batches of finished product that are completely free of entrained or entrapped air. This benefit allows manufacturers of adhesives and sealants to minimize or eliminate short-fills, or inconsistent weights in the finished packaging that can result from air voids created by the mixing process. Additionally, the HMDV is designed to prevent the exposure of the ingredients and finished products to atmospheric moisture that could initiate the curing of the products.


The HMDV Series consists of two major configurations:


The Molteni HMDV RTC


The Molteni HMDV Pressmixer


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