Italvacuum Bi-Evolution & Criox Biconical Rotary Vacuum Dryers

Italvacuum Bi-Evolution & Criox Biconical Rotary Vacuum Dryers


The Bi-Evolution Dryer® is a bi-conical rotary vacuum dryer able to carry out the complete extraction of solvents and water from wet masses, usually after centrifugation and filtration steps.


The Bi-Evolution Dryer® is a multi-product dryer that has been designed for the widest range of possible products with crystalline or amorphous structures, whether they are intermediates or fine chemicals. It is also efficient at drying products that are friable, easily degraded, thermosensitive and photosensitive, as well as sterile / injectable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or chemically reactive ingredients.


The Bi-Evolution Dryer® is versatile as it minimizes the time required to be cleaned and inspected, permitting it to rapidly change from one product campaign to another.


The Bi-Evolution Dryer® is safe for operators and is designed and built in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. It is cGMP compliant and manufactured to UL and ASME Standards, including the associated certificates.


The Criox System Completely removes all types of solvents and crushes any residual lumps. A mix of power and intelligence to ensure maximum quality and productivity, the CRIOX® System is a milestone of Italvacuum product range.


The CRIOX® System is the ideal double-cone rotary vacuum dryer/powderer for drying damp material after centrifugation or filtering processes. The double-cone revolving chamber includes a pair of powerful lump breakers. The CRIOX® System breaks down any product build-up to deliver dry powder ready for sieving and bagging.


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