Italvacuum Cosmodry® & Planex® Horizontal Vacuum Paddle Dryers

Italvacuum Cosmodry® & Planex® Horizontal Vacuum Paddle Dryers


The CosmoDry® System is an innovative horizontal paddle vacuum dryer, the result of highly advanced research by Italvacuum and of a careful analysis of the production requirements of the most demanding customers.


Power, load flexibility, drying speed, easy unloading, and quality of dried product are all important and fundamental values, however, the great innovation of the CosmoDry® System is in the particular structure of the agitator: the inner parts can be dismantled quickly and easily, which means very easy internal cleaning, maintenance and inspection: qualities that ensure the dryer is always kept in perfect working order and optimize the production processes, making the CosmoDry® System the perfect solution for multi-product applications.


The CosmoDry® System is based on an operating philosophy indicated for drying wet flowing powder obtained from the filtering or centrifuge and is suitable for the production of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Fine Chemicals and Intermediates. The CosmoDry® System is safe for both the operators and the product, because it is designed and manufactured in compliance with increasingly strict safety standards and in accordance with the cGMP and ATEX regulations.


The Planex® System is an ingenious innovation that represents a true revolution in vacuum drying technology. A patented dryer, the Planex® System  is guaranteeing results that were unthinkable until now with conventional systems, both horizontal and vertical.


The Planex® System is a special horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with an eccentric agitator featuring two independent movements, allowing it to simultaneously revolve around its own axis and to rotate tangentially to the drying chamber.


Designed to dry wet flowing powders from filtration and centrifuging processes the Planex® System is ideal for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fine chemicals and intermediates.


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