Italvacuum is an Italian company based in Turin, Italy, specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and food industry.

Founded in 1939, Italvacuum has always grown with the aim of reaching and maintaining the highest levels of innovation and quality in its sector. The development of technology, know-how and meticulous care taken of its customers are the company’s universally recognized hallmarks.


Italvacuum is organized into three departments that work closely together: the Technical, Production and Sales & Marketing Departments. The work carried out by the highly qualified staff is done in close contact with our customers to fulfil their requirements while ensuring maximum efficiency, safety and quality. Within the Technical Department, the Research & Development Division, made up of process engineers, deals with the design development of new systems and innovative technical solutions for existing systems.


Italvacuum’s workshop occupies over 75,000 square feet. Here the work, carried out by specialized staff, includes the complete assembly of the machinery, together with the welding, polishing and painting processes. The machinery undergoes a detailed check by the Quality & Security staff.


Vacuum Dryers

Italvacuum Multispray Vacuum Tray Dryers

Italvacuum Bi-Evolution & Croix® Biconical Vacuum Dryers

Italvacuum Cosmodry & Planex Horizontal Vacuum Paddle Dryers

Italvacuum Vacuum Tumble Dryers


 Vacuum Pumps

 Italvacuum Saurus 939 Vacuum Pumps


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