Molteni Combi-Speed

Molteni Combi-Speed


The Molteni Combi-Speed Series RHBBDD is a unique mixing system that can be operated as a Double Planetary Mixer, Planetary Disperser or Planetary Dual Disperser.


The Combi-Speed is driven by three hydraulic motors. Two hydraulic motors drive the stirrers, independently, on their own axes and the other hydraulic motor drives the gearbox with revolving scraper arm, independently, about a central axis.


Through a unique and innovative drive arrangement that utilizes variable volume hydraulic motors, the speed range of the Combi-Speed can be varied (3.5:1 ratio), allowing for the system to perform with the low-speed, high-torque characteristics of a Double Planetary Mixer, the high-speed, high-shear of a Planetary Dual Disperser, or a hybrid Planetary Disperser.


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