Molteni Electric Multishaft Mixers

Molteni Electric
Multishaft Mixers


The Molteni Series MPME configuration combines an Anchor Agitator with one or two High Speed Dispersers and/or a rotor/stator Homogenizing Turbine.


The central Anchor Agitator is driven by an electric motor through an inline gear reducer. The Anchor creates radial and axial flow patterns as it turns over the batch constituents to the High Speed Dispersers. Teflon scraper blades improve batch homogeneity and are critical for heat transfer.


One or two High Speed Dispersers are installed off-center to the Anchor and create high-shear forces that enhance the system’s dispersion capability for low to high viscosity products. A high-shear, rotor/stator Homogenizing Turbine may be selected in lieu of the second Disperser.


The Molteni Series MPME is suitable for processing formulations from low viscosity through 1,000,000 cps.


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