Molteni specializes in the design and manufacture of vertical and planetary mixers, dissolvers, agitators, triple roll mills, bead mills as well as in the design of complete plants for the chemical industry. Molteni mixers are designed to process products which, due to their viscosity, density, and thixotropy cannot be treated through the traditional dispersion and mixing systems.


Molteni mixers are characterized by robust, user-friendly, and flexible designs that ensure high production efficiency. Molteni has become a worldwide leading brand in the mixing industry due to their technology improvements and continuous attention to customers’ requirements.

In 2011 Battaggion acquired the Molteni brand as part of the Battaggion Group, increasing the specialization and the range of Battaggion’s market applications, enlarging their presence and position in the mixing sector, and adding to their ability to supply systems for processing a wide range of products.


The technical, financial and commercial synergies of the Battaggion Group enable a continuous development and reinforcement of each company in the mixing technology industry; the group is able to adapt their machine production to suit the customers’ exact needs.


Molteni machines interface with upstream systems for the feeding of raw materials, as well as with downstream systems for the delivery of the processed product. The specific knowledge of the products to be mixed, their characteristics as well as the customers’ final production and quality needs are essential to Molteni to design and manufacture a complete production plant that integrates various technologies.


Each project is designed and developed custom-made according to the customers’ specific requirements. Thanks to their technical staff, Molteni is able to provide services for the feasibility study, design, construction, installation and successful start-up of a project, as well as the maintenance service after the machine/plant delivery.


Planetary Mixers / Dispersers


Discharge Presses


HMDV RTC & Pressmixer


Multishaft Mixers


The Molteni product line services applications within the adhesives & sealants, chemical, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as many others.


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