Multishaft Mixers

Multishaft Mixers


Multishaft Mixers make up one of the largest categories in the specialty mixer industry and are widely used in a large variety of industries due to their process flexibility.


Consisting of two and three shaft variants, Dual Shaft and Triple Shaft Mixers typically consist of a central Anchor Agitator combined with one or two High Speed Dispersers and sometimes a high-shear, rotor / stator Homogenizing Turbine.


Molteni Multishaft Mixers are available in Removable Vessel configurations from laboratory to 500 gallon production units. Fixed-tank units are available up to 3,000 gallons in capacity.


Molteni Multishaft Mixers are heavy-duty, versatile mixing systems with very high product viscosity capabilities.


In addition to standard versions driven by conventional electric motors, Molteni Dual Shaft and Triple Shaft mixers are available with hydraulic motors that provide very high viscosity capability, with high-torque performance at very low to high agitator speeds.


The Series MPME configuration combines an Anchor Agitator with one or two High Speed Dispersers/Dissolvers. A rotor/stator Homogenizing Turbine can be chosen as the third agitator.


Molteni Electric Multishaft Mixers


Molteni Hydraulic Multishaft Mixers


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