Novinox Custom Sanitary Vessels & Mixers

Novinox Custom Sanitary Vessels & Mixers


Novinox is a World-Class designer and manufacturer of sanitary, sterile and aseptic process vessels and mixing systems, predominantly for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Novinox Custom Vessels and Mixers include Sterile Preparation Vessels, Dissolving Tanks, and Reactors.


Novinox fabricates vessels and mixers in type 304 and 316 stainless steel, hastelloy, and many other alloys.  Fine polishes with surface roughness as low as Ra < 0.1 microns are available with mirror finished and electropolishing.


Vessels can be supplied as single-wall or jacketed for heating and cooling and insulated with welded stainless steel sheathing.  Agitation types may include top or bottom-entering magnetic mixers, or traditional axial or radial-flow impellers with single or double mechanical seals.


Novinox Custom Sanitary Vessels and Mixers are available, manufactured to the strict requirements of the FDA, in capacities from 5 to 15,000 liters.


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