Novinox is an Italian company founded in 1956, specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of cutting-edge production process equipment with the highest standards of performance, quality and reliability, addressed to the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food industries.


Novinox is committed to providing quality machines that are customized  to our client’s production processes. Novinox places particular emphasis on safety and quality, holding construction, materials, quality control, engineering, FDA, FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ and ATEX certifications. Novinox has structured working phases during development including requirement analysis, product selection, customization, production, and quality control, and brings the same level of dedication to installation, training, and after sales technical assistance.


For over 50 years, Novinox has been an industry leader based upon their constant investment in innovation and the discovery of new technological solutions. True to its company mission, “we give life to your ideas”, Novinox devotes all of their resources to providing concrete solutions to all customers’ production process needs.


Powder Blenders


Specialty Tanks & Mixers


Novinox’s business is represented in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food industries.


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