Vacuum Dryers & Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Dryers & Vacuum Pumps


Italvacuum vacuum dryers ensure top-tier performance for the processing of wet powder from filtering and centrifuging processes for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fine chemicals and intermediates.


Original, cutting-edge and patented systems designed by Italvacuum: a company with over 80 years of experience and a relevant know-how in vacuum process applications. Merits that make Italvacuum’s range of dryers one of a kind.


Italvacuum Saurus 939 vacuum pump are designed for the most aggressive chemical and pharmaceutical processes.


The wide range of Italvacuum Vacuum Dryers & Vacuum Pumps includes:


Italvacuum Cosmodry & Planex Horizontal Vacuum Paddle Dryers


Italvacuum Bi-Evolution & Criox Biconical Vacuum Dryers


Italvacuum Multispray Vacuum Tray Dryers


Italvacuum Vacuum Tumble Dryers


Italvacuum Saurus 939 Vacuum Pumps


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