VMI Melters

VMI Melters


VMI Melters are often used to heat or melt one phase of a multi-phase process.  Melters are often used in the Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for preparation of the oil phase for oil in water or water in oil emulsion formulations.


The standard VMI Melter may be provided with a self-contained hot oil system, or can be used with external heating / cooling systems.  Internal cooling loops may be provided for efficient cooling of the heat transfer fluid.  VMI Melters include an Anchor Agitator that conforms to the shape of the Melter vessel, and may be provided with an optional offset High Speed Disperser for added shear to the process.


Melting systems are available in standard capacities of 80, 150, 300, 500, 1000, and 2000 liters (20, 40, 80, 130, 265, and 530 gallons).


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