VMI Mobimix & Supermix Systems

VMI Mobimix & Supermix Systems


The VMI Mobimix & Supermix Series are a family of portable and stationary mixing stations.  The common element of all Mobimix & Supermix Systems is a lifting arrangement that raises and lowers the chosen mixer type into a VMI or client-suppled mixing vessel.


Mobimix & Supermix agitation types can include axial or radial flow low-shear mixers, anchor-type agitators, spiral or helical agitators, high-speed dispersers, and rotor / stators homogenizers.


VMI Mobimix & Supermix Systems are designed for the specific requirements of each client and are available for batch capacities from 50 to 1000 liters (13 to 265 gallons).


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