VMI Trimix

VMI Trimix


The VMI Trimix is a series of pilot and production scale Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers. The Trimix combines an Outer Anchor Agitator, Inner Counter-Rotating Blades, and a Bottom-Entering High Shear Homogenizer.  The VMI High Shear mixer can include special liquid and powder induction features that allow raw ingredients to be dispersed directly into the high shear zone.


Trimix systems from 150 liters through over 10,000 liters are vacuum capable and jacketed for heating or cooling, and can include an optional agitated Melting Vessel.


The Trimix is available in a Platform System that combines the main Trimix Processor with the Melter, all utility management, vacuum and temperature control, transfer panel, Clean-In-Place (CIP) devices, pumps and all interconnecting piping and wiring – all controlled by a PLC with a color touch-screen HMI interface.


The optional VMI Optimum Control System is designed to be in compliance with the FDA CFR-21 Part 11 regulations covering the management of electronic records and traceability.


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