VMI Turbotest

VMI Turbotest


The VMI Turbotest is driven by an efficient 440 Watt DC motor.  The ergonomic design of the Turbotest includes a balanced lifting arrangement with finger-tip actuation.


The Turbotest can utilize over 20 available mixer and homogenizer attachments to provide axial or radial flow low shear mixing, high speed / high shear dispersion, or Rotor & Stator high shear mixing.


The microprocessor based controls with touch-screen interface allow for precise control of your mixing tasks. A digital timer keeps track of the mixing time and a count-down timer turns the Turbotest off after a preprogrammed interval. Digital speed and torque readouts are also provided.


The innovative and patented VMI one-handed beaker / container clamping mechanism is extremely convenient and safe.  The Turbotest is capable of processing batches from 200 ml to 20 liters.


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