Since 1945, VMI has been a leader in agitation and mixing solutions for the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, coatings, and food.


VMI offers a comprehensive range of mixing and agitation equipment designed to be scalable, flexible and efficient to support their customers’ business development and growth.


VMI is committed to customer support, working hand-in-hand from the early stages of process requirements through the design, test and installation phases. VMI offers reliable and consistent mixing solutions, ensuring unrivaled product repeatability and optimum productivity leading their customers to success.


VMI is an international mixing company, with headquarters and all design and manufacturing units located in Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay (Vendée) in France. VMI’s global presence is made possible by specialized on-site operations teams and a wide-ranging network of experts in mixing technology.


For over 60 years, VMI has been consolidating their development of mixing technology and expanding their network to develop in various markets in the world. This has afforded VMI an in-depth knowledge of the market and allowed them to implement genuine, long-term partnerships with local players and leading manufacturers in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemistry, and bakery.


Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers


Laboratory High Shear Mixers


Single Planetary Mixers


Specialty Tanks and Mixers


VMI is an expert in mixing solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and bakery industries.


From simple agitation to the most complex processes, VMI's mixing technologies cover the most varied cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.


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